Club tournament results

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Date Club Event
7-9 Sep 2022Port Macquarie Golf Croquet Carnival
25-29 Jul 2022Port Macquarie Association Croquet Carnival
19-23 Jul 2021Port Macquarie Association Croquet Carnival
11-13 Sep 2019Port Macquarie Golf Croquet Carnival
22-26 Jul 2019Port Macquarie Association Croquet Carnival
1 Jul 2019Nowra GC Handicap Singles
21 Oct 2018 MAKARA
12-13 Sep 2018Port Macquarie Golf Croquet Carnival
7-9 Sep 2018Nowra Open Singles Golf Croquet Championships
3-7 Sep 2018Forster Association Spring Carnival
23-27 Jul 2018Port Macquarie Association Croquet Carnival
1-4 May 2018Taree Wild Fig Golf Croquet Carnival
26-27 Aug 2017Nowra Annual Golf Croquet Club Championships
2-5 May 2017Taree Wild Fig Golf Croquet Carnival
15-16 Oct 2016Maitland Ricochet Challenge
14-17 Oct 2016Nowra Spring Golf Croquet Carnival
15-18 Sep 2016Orange City Spring Golf Croquet Carnival
14-16 Sep 2016Port Macquarie Golf Croquet Carnival
29 Jun - 1 Jul 2016Macquarie City Winter Tournament
6 Apr 2016Nowra Annual Association Croquet Carnival
17 Nov 2015 MAKARA
21 Oct 2015Taree Golf Croquet Carnival
5 Oct 2015Port Hacking GC Novice Lightning Doubles Day
1-3 Jul 2015Macquarie City Winter Tournament
6-8 May 2015Taree Wild Fig Carnival
6 Apr 2015Port Hacking Golf Croquet Lightning Doubles Day
27-30 Mar 2015Nowra Autumn Association Singles Carnival
12-14 Mar 2015Maitland Sweet Pea Golf Croquet Tournament
3-7 Nov 2014Bathurst City Association Croquet Carnival
17-19 Oct 2014Nowra Spring Golf Croquet Carnival
10-12 Sep 2014Port Macquarie Golf Croquet Carnival
11-14 Sep 2014Orange City Spring Golf Croquet Carnival
03 Sep 2014Walla Walla North East District Croquet Association Competition
21-25 Jul 2014Port Macquarie Association Croquet Carnival
13-15 May 2014Toronto Association Croquet Carnival
2-5 May 2014Nowra Association Croquet Carnival
7-12 Apr 2014Orange City Autumn Carnival
15-18 Mar 2014Jamberoo Association Tournament
4-8 Nov 2013Bathurst City Association Croquet Carnival
26 Nov 2013Nowra, Jamberoo, Southern HighlandsJudith Fowler Trophy
18-21 Oct 2013Nowra Spring Golf Croquet Carnival
9-11 Oct 2013Taree Golf Croquet Carnival
9-11 Aug 2013Port Macquarie Golf Croquet Carnival
22-26 Jul 2013Port Macquarie Association Croquet Carnival
3-5 Jul 2013Macquarie City Golf Croquet Winter Tournament
8-10 May 2013Taree Wild Fig Carnival
3-6 May 2013Nowra Association Croquet Tournament
30 Apr - 2 May 2013Newcastle National ParkAssociation Croquet Carnival
21-24 Nov 2012Jamberoo Golf Croquet Handicap Tournament
16-18 Nov 2012Maitland Heritage Association Tournament
5-9 Nov 2012Bathurst City Association Croquet Carnival
19-21 Oct 2012Nowra Association Croquet Carnival
10-12 Oct 2012Taree Golf Croquet Carnival
2012Walla Walla, Albury, WodongaBattered Ball Competition
14-20 Sep 2012Ballina NSW Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles and Singles
23-27 Jul 2012Port Macquarie Association Croquet Carnival
10-13 Jul 2012Macquarie City Inaugural Winter Golf Croquet Tournament
28-29 Apr 2012Maitland Golf Croquet Singles Tournament
17-19 Mar 2012Maitland Sweet Pea Golf Croquet Doubles Tournament
18-20 Nov 2011Maitland Heritage Association Tournament
16-18 Nov 2011Jamberoo Golf Croquet Handicap Singles Tournament
12-14 Oct 2011Taree Golf Croquet Carnival
25-29 Jul 2011Port Macquarie Association Croquet Carnival
1-4 Jun 2011Sawtell 4 Days of Golf Croquet
6-8 Apr 2011Jamberoo Golf Croquet Doubles
5 Apr 2011Port Macquarie Handicap Doubles Championship
13-15 Mar 2011Maitland Open Doubles Golf Croquet Tournament
25 Feb - 2 Mar 2011Bundanoon Autumn Carnival
20-23 Oct 2010Sawtell Association Croquet Carnival
13-15 Oct 2010Taree Golf Croquet Carnival
15-17 Sep 2010Port Macquarie Golf Croquet Carnival
9-12 Sep 2010Orange City Spring Golf Croquet Carnival
6-8 Aug 2010Jamberoo Golf Croquet Singles
28 Jul - 1 Aug 2010Port Macquarie Association Croquet Carnival
18-21 Mar 2010Young Autumn Golf Croquet Carnival
7-9 Mar 2010Maitland Sweet Pea Golf Croquet Tournament
26 Feb - 3 Mar 2010Bundanoon Autumn Carnival
26 Jan 2010Maitland Australia Day Tournament
7-11 Oct 2009Young Spring Carnival
17-20 Sep 2009Orange City Spring Golf Croquet Carnival
16-18 Sep 2009Port Macquarie 4th Golf Croquet Carnival
29-30 Aug 2009Jamberoo Golf Croquet Doubles
19-21 Aug 2009Urunga Golf Croquet Carnival
29 Jul - 2 Aug 2009Port Macquarie Association Croquet Carnival
13-19 Jun 2009Urunga Association Croquet Carnival
3-8 May 2009Taree Wild Fig Carnival
Apr 2009Sawtell Golf Croquet Captains Trophy
18-22 Apr 2009Orange City Autumn Carnival
13-15 Apr 2009Maitland Mutual Heritage Association Carnival
19-22 Mar 2009Young Autumn Golf Croquet Carnival
8-10 Mar 2009Maitland Sweet Pea Golf Croquet Tournament
27 Feb - 4 Mar 2009Bundanoon Autumn Carnival
26 Jan 2009Maitland Australia Day Tournament
15-17 Oct 2008Taree Golf Croquet Carnival
1-5 Oct 2008Young Spring Carnival
17-19 Sep 2008Port Macquarie 3rd Golf Croquet Carnival
26 Jul - 1 Aug 2008Port Macquarie Association Croquet Carnival
11-16 May 2008Taree Wild Fig Carnival
14-16 Mar 2008Young Autumn Golf Croquet Carnival
10-12 Mar 2008Forster Golf Croquet Carnival
29 Feb - 5 Mar 2008Bundanoon Autumn Carnival
26 Jan 2008Maitland Maitland Australia Day Tournament
17-19 Oct 2007Taree Golf Croquet Carnival
19-21 Sep 2007Port Macquarie 2nd Golf Croquet Carnival
22-24 Aug 2007Urunga Inaugural Golf Croquet Carnival
5-11 Aug 2007Lismore Croquet Carnival
21-27 Jul 2007Port Macquarie Association Croquet Carnival
13-18 May 2007Taree Wild Fig Carnival
2-7 Mar 2007Bundanoon Autumn Carnival
18-20 Oct 2006Taree Golf Croquet Carnival
20-22 Sep 2006Port Macquarie Inaugural Golf Croquet Carnival
22-28 Jul 2006Port Macquarie Annual Carnival
1-7 Mar 2006Bundanoon Autumn Carnival
19-21 Oct 2005Taree Golf Croquet Carnival
7-13 Aug 2005Lismore Croquet Carnival
23-28 Aug 2005CNSW NSW Championships - Open Singles
20-22 Aug 2005CNSW NSW Championships - Open Doubles
16-23 Jul 2005Port Macquarie Jubilee Carnival
10-13 Jun 2005CNSW NSW Handicap Championships (Beryl Chambers Memorial Event)
14-20 May 2005Taree Wild Fig Carnival
29-30 Jan 2005Mangrove Mountain Australia Day Competition
14 Feb 2004Mangrove Mountain 14 Point Invitational Day
26 Jan 2004Mangrove Mountain Australia Day