The CNSW Handbook

Appendix 6


On 1st April, 2003, on the expiration of its cover with the Triton Insurance Company, Croquet NSW Inc agreed to join the National Insurance Policy arranged by the ACA. Initially a reduced premium applied as the policy has a normal renewal date set as the 31st October each year.
This policy covers all affiliated clubs and affiliated members declared by CNSW The policy provides indemnity for Public Liability and Products Liability and Professional Indemnity for coaches and officials. It also includes a Sports Injury section which provides certain specified benefits in the event of injury to registered players when engaged in croquet and associated activities. .
In addition to this policy, the ACA have also accepted a "Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policy" covering "wrongful acts"
To meet the premium, clubs are distinguished into two categories:
Category A: These are essentially "stand alone clubs" which are not associated with a Bowling Club or a Recreation Club etc and which have control of their insurance. In particular, such clubs are able to surrender any Public Liability policy they may have, or may have had, in favour of the ACA policies.
Category B: These clubs are associated with other sporting bodies or recreation components to form sporting complexes or they form a section of a retirement village or are owned and administered by a local council or other such body. They do not therefore control their Public Liability insurance.
The Insurance Broker has agreed that only Category A clubs and their members need be declared. Should the situation of a category B club change or there is a wish for such club to take up the ACA policy in addition to any other policy they may hold, the club is free to apply for inclusion in the ACA policy and will then be labeled as a category A club if accepted.
Payment of Premium by Category A clubs:
The premium set by the ACA is determined by the number of participating clubs and their affiliated members and is calculated on a per capita basis. However, as with the previous policy (with Triton), it has been determined that each participating club in CNSW, will contribute an equal amount determined by dividing the premium, by the number of participating clubs. The rationale for this is that the principal benefit of the policy relates to the Public Liability cover and such is not determined on a per capita basis. In addition, CNSW will add an amount to its premium to ensure that all coaches, referees and umpires who are members of Category B clubs only are covered by the Professional Indemnity provisions of the policy.
A separate Insurance Account will be maintained by the Treasurer. The Executive will administer all aspects of the Insurance policy. An insurance "buffer amount" will also be included in the contribution from the clubs to cover such matters as extra calls on CNSW from the brokers and to soften the impact of increases in annual premiums.
In future any croquet club wishing to affiliate with CNSW will need to produce evidence to justify its classification into either category A or category B and, if the former, be required to participate in the policy on a pro rata (monthy) basis depending on the month during the Policy Year that affiliation is approved. The Brokers will require an adjustment to the premium for such new club but changes in membership numbers of existing insured clubs will be automatically covered without further outlay of funds until the next renewal date of the policy
A copy of the Policies and the Schedules will be maintained at CNSW Headquarters and be available for inspection. Copies of the Certificate of Currency will be supplied to participating clubs. Clubs requiring special endorsement of the Certificate (as required by some local Councils) will need to apply direct to the brokers.
All claims must be presented on the approved claim form and forwarded firstly to CNSW headquarters, where the registration of the club and member will be confirmed and the claim form then dispatched to the brokers.