The CNSW Handbook

Appendix 1


1.Advantages. Affiliated clubs are eligible to:
1.1receive information on all Association tournaments to help members participate, including information about tournaments in other Australian States and in other countries;
1.2participate in the management of the Association as detailed in clause 5 of the Constitution (Part A of this Handbook);
1.3receive information including notices, agenda and minutes of General and Council meetings, and occasional publications such as the Croquet NSW Newsletter
1.4be included in the CNSW Year Book so other players will be aware of the location and details of the club;
1.5become part of the network of coaching organised by the Association Coaching Committee;
1.6receive information and assistance from the Referees Committee;
1.7receive coaching of potential referees and examinations for formal qualification;
1.8have access to information and expert knowledge from the Tournament Committee on the conduct of the many types of tournaments and competitions;
1.9have access to the Laws Committee of the ACA to resolve queries and make recommendations;
1.10apply to conduct tournaments within the Association framework;
1.11receive handicaps under the National AHS;
1.12have members selected in representative teams;
1.13receive introductions to clubs and notification of tournaments that members may be able to visit both within and outside Australia;
1.14purchase items from the Association shop including books, badges, and items of equipment and clothing;
1.15when not otherwise in use, hire the Association lawns at the headquarters of the Association;
1.16have access to the Association reference library of technical and historical material;
1.17apply for grants from Commonwealth, State and local government bodies for establishment and development of facilities and the acquisition of equipment.
1.18receive material for promoting the game of croquet.
2.Responsibilities. Affiliated clubs are responsible to:
2.1promote and advance interest in the game of croquet;
2.2recognise the control and jurisdiction of the Association over the game of croquet in New South Wales;
2.3assist in the management of the Association, to the extent desired;
2.4arrange competitions and tournaments, to the extent desired;
2.5encourage uniformity in the interpretation and application of the Laws of Croquet;
2.6establish, manage and maintain croquet courts and, if possible, a clubhouse;
2.7provide a list of all members, addresses, telephone numbers, handicap recommen dations, club officers, club location and postal address, number of courts, playing days and other relevant details in time for inclusion in the Year Book;
2.8pay the appropriate affiliation fees by the due dates;
2.9have not less than eight members and ensure that all playing members are affiliated;
2.10safely retain all club records and archival material.