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21/10/2016 MaitlandRicochet Challenge
18/10/2016 NowraSpring Golf Croquet Carnival
29/09/2016 Orange CitySpring Golf Croquet Carnival
19/09/2016 Port MacquarieGolf Croquet Carnival results
01/09/2016 TorontoInaugural Gold Brooch event at Toronto
30/08/2016 NowraCombined Probus clubs play croquet
04/08/2016 Port HackingIntroduction to Ricochet
28/07/2016 NowraFriends of Callala visit Nowra
10/07/2016 NowraInaugural NSW Ricochet Carnival
10/07/2016 Macquarie CityWinter Tournament results
13/06/2016 Mount SugarloafClub history
25/05/2016 TorontoLake Macquarie to get new Croquet Centre
09/05/2016 NowraWorld Croquet Day
08/05/2016 TorontoWorld Croquet Day

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22 October 2016
The handicaps pages have been updated. Additionally, club members can now be listed with their handicaps and IDs, by selecting club member counts on the Clubs pages. Visit the Handicaps pages...
10 October 2016
CNSW fielded 3 of the 5 players at the Australian Under 21 Golf Croquet Championships played at Cairnlea.
1 October 2016
Notes from the Chair
Members may not be aware of events such as the Coaching Course, and the Gateball introduction in Sydney in November. More...
Peter Coles
26 September 2016
The Australian Croquet Company, run by Brian and June Dawson for over 30 years, has been taken over by Paul Manwaring. View advertisement or visit the Equipment page...
9 September 2016
Following the recent AGM, the Board concluded that reaching out to the clubs and providing the members with information about what was happening in CNSW was a priority. Peter Coles, the new Chair, has penned a communication to all clubs and members which sets the tone for the future. Read on...
9 September 2016
Following on from the AGM and delegates discussion, the new Board has decided that the Communication Group should be replaced with a properly structured Communication Committee. The Committee is to be formed from people who have lodged an expression of interest and been selected by the Board. The term of the appointment would be 2yrs and amongst other things the Committee would be given responsibility for the CNSW Website and the Newsletter. So if you wish to be on this committee please complete the EOI and return at your convenience.
5 September 2016
The 2016 Australian GC Nationals are in progress in WA. To follow these events, visit the Cambridge Croquet Club Facebook page.
2 September 2016
The 2016 Annual Report has been published and mailed out to clubs. The Report and Financial Statement was accepted by the Annual General Meeting and is available for viewing and downloading on the Governance page.
2 September 2016
On Saturday 27th August CNSW held its 2016 Annual General Meeting at the Concordia Club, Tempe. 22 club delegates plus a number of observers and the majority of the CNSW Board were there and the minutes of the meeting are available on the Governance page. Three of the First Directors retired and did not nominate for election, one of them being Tony McArthur, the Chair. The Delegates and Directors thanked him for his service to CNSW during his term of office. Three new Directors were elected, Peter Coles, John Levick and Tricia Vierra with Peter subsequently being elected as Chair by the new Board. Incumbents of many CNSW positions were re-elected or re-appointed but a number of positions remain vacant. Following the AGM, there was a discussion session and the main points of the session have been recorded.
1 September 2016
Some CNSW officers have changed following the AGM. Visit the Contact page...
1 September 2016
Come and Learn Gateball, at Tempe on Sunday 13th November from 10am to 2pm.
30 August 2016
The September CNSW Newsletter is now available. Visit the Newsletter page...
29 August 2016
Ballina Croquet Club has celebrated its 80th Anniversary, and published a revised club history. visit the Club histories page...
29 August 2016
The CNSW Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles was played at Newcastle National Park.
29 August 2016
Email addresses have been changed on Tournament Results, Daily Score Sheet and Handicap and Index forms. To replace your copies, please visit the Downloads page...
12 July 2016
A warm welcome to Smithtown Croquet Club, now affiliated with CNSW. Details...