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29/09/2015 NowraCombined Probus clubs converge on Nowra
15/09/2015 NowraNowra Springs Out At Orange
17/08/2015 NowraDivision One Golf Croquet Championships
25/07/2015 NowraNowra Wins NSW Division 3 Golf Pennants
24/07/2015 NowraRetired Police Enjoy Croquet
06/07/2015 Macquarie CityWinter Tournament
29/05/2015 NowraBomaderry Anglican Church visits Nowra Croquet
28/05/2015 NowraNowra Croquet Club entertains Probus Clubs
27/05/2015 NowraAnnual South Coast Shield held At Narooma
11/05/2015 TareeWild Fig Carnival
06/04/2015 Port HackingGolf Croquet Lightning Doubles Day

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14 September 2015
2014-15 CNSW Annual Report
The 2014-15 CNSW Annual Report is now available from the Governance page (plus others from recent years). By now clubs should have received their printed copy, however one page is missing due to a printer's error. This page can be obtained by printing page 11 (PDF page 13) of the report on the Governance page, trimming it to A5 and inserting it between pages 10 and 11 of the printed version.
Steve Thornton, CNSW Secretary
10 September 2015
Expression of Interest to Host CNSW Events
An email has been sent to all clubs requesting expressions of interest to host CNSW Events (GC and AC) during 2016. The email contains a list of events and a list of criteria that the Tournament Committee will use to select venues.
Steve Thornton, CNSW Secretary
10 September 2015
New Constitution now in Effect
CNSW was advised by FairTrading NSW earlier this week that the new constitution was registered on 7 September and is in effect. This means that the old constitution is no longer in force. The by-laws, standing orders, policies etc that form the remainder of the old handbook have mostly been replaced by CNSW Policy Documents however there may be some areas that have not been addressed yet. If something is not covered by a Policy Document then the relevant section of the old handbook remains temporarily in force.
Steve Thornton, CNSW Secretary
4 September 2015
Peter Freer wielded a camera at the last Council meeting. Photos...
4 September 2015
15th Australian Masters Games
Croquet will be amongst 54 sports on offer at the Games in Adelaide but close of entries is only a week away on 11 September 2015. Enter via Competition Dates: Monday 5 - Friday 9 October 2015. Venue: Croquet SA, Hutt Road, Adelaide.
30 August 2015
Best wishes are extended to CNSW’s team to compete in the GC Interstate Shield in Launceston from 23rd to 27th September 2015.

30 August 2015
The September CNSW Newsletter is now available. Visit the Newsletter page...
22 August 2015
The CNSW Golf Croquet Division 1 Singles and Doubles events were held 15-19 August in Nowra.

10 July 2015
On small devices, the home and news archive pages are now displayed in single column format, with a smaller page heading and a menu button.
25 June 2015
A warm welcome to Camden Park Croquet Club, now affiliated with CNSW.

27 May 2015
Club secretaries can now view the main sections of the CNSW Yearbook with up to date details obtained from our new online database, which is proving popular, with the majority of clubs already using it. View the database help page...
22 May 2015
Croquet returns to the Masters Games this year. It is being hosted by Croquet SA at their Headquarters at Hutt Street, Adelaide and CNSW would be delighted to see representation from NSW.

Visit the Australian Masters Games website
and download its croquet poster for your club noticeboard, and visit our Events page and download the Flier...
9 May 2015
Croquet is the Best Weekend cover story in today's Daily Telegraph:

Read on...
6 May 2015
Congratulations to the many NSW players who were placed in the recent ACA AC Championships:
Mens:Jim Nicholls4th place
Mens Plate:Steve HardenRunner Up
Mens W:Ken EdwardsRunner Up
Mens Y:Alan HoneyRunner Up
Womens:Alison SharpeWinner
Alix VergeRunner Up
Womens Plate:Annette du PreezWinner
Womens Y:Jean PackRunner Up
NSW also won the Eire Cup (5 wins, 0 losses) as we did in 2010, 2011 and 2012, having been runners up in 2009 and 2014, and 3rd in 2013. Well done NSW!

Congratulations and thanks are also due to all of the Sydney clubs and their members who assisted in successfully conducting the AC Championships for the ACA.