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16/03/2016 NowraAnnual Association Croquet Carnival
18/03/2016 JamberooRicochet comes to Jamberoo
16/03/2016 BundanoonVale Jim Merson
16/03/2016 NowraRicochet Workshop
15/03/2016 NowraBacks up at Bunnings
27/02/2016 NowraVale Annette Morris
11/02/2016 Southern HighlandsVale Shirley Hansen
11/02/2016 NowraTraining with SDC Barb Piggott
06/02/2016 NowraNowra's Honorary Gardener
28/01/2016 NowraNowra celebrates Australia Day
11/12/2015 NowraNowra croquet celebrates Christmas
26/10/2015 NowraNowra high low doubles
17/11/2015 MAKARA results
17/10/2015 NowraNowra play At Bunnings
21/10/2015 TareeGolf Croquet Carnival
20/10/2015 NowraGC Handicap Singles And Doubles Tournament
16/10/2015 Port HackingGC Novice Lightning Doubles Day
29/09/2015 NowraCombined Probus clubs converge on Nowra
15/09/2015 NowraNowra Springs Out At Orange

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19 April 2016
The CNSW AC Selection Committee is now calling for Expressions of Interest from all female Association players with handicaps of 8 or less to register their interest in attending the 2016 Eva Short Memorial Women's Trophy to be conducted on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May. The Tournament Committee is yet to confirm a venue for this event, but Tempe is in use for another event. Those players wishing to be considered for this event may register their interest or by phone 042 762 9953. Expressions close Wednesday 4th May.
18 March 2016
The March CNSW Newsletter is now available. Visit the Newsletter page...
28 February 2016
The CNSW Golf Croquet Division 3 Doubles & Singles was played at Nowra.
21 January 2016
Australia's croquet future took a step forward with the playing of the inaugural ACA Under 21 Golf Croquet Championships from 15th to 17th January
21 December 2015
The website database now stores codes played (AC, GC, Ricochet, Gateball) for members and for clubs. Club secretaries are requested to sign in and enter this information for their club, and for each of their members. Codes played are displayed for each club in the Clubs pages, and for clubs and members in the online Yearbook.